Healthy momos with wheat flour

Preparation time - 20 mins
Makes around 25 momos

Wheat flour -1.5 cups
Salt  as required
Water - 3/4 cups or as required to knead the dough
Ginger - chopped 1 table spoon

garlic - chopped 1 table spoon
Spring onions - 2 table spoons
Onion - 1
cabage - 1 cup
minced chicken - 1 cup
soya sauce - 1 table spoon
Vinegar - 1 table spoon
Pepper powder - 1 table spoon


- Mix wheat flour, salt and water and make a medium soft dough and rest it for 15 mins.
- Take a bowl, Add onions, ginger, garlic, cabbage, minced chicken, soya sauce, vinegar ,spring onions, pepper powder and salt. 
- Mix well until its smooth.Filling is ready.
- Roll the dough to a thin sheets and place the filling inside.
- Fold the edges carefully in a desired shape.
- Place it in a steamer and steam for 15 mins.

- This can be served with hot and spicy garlic sauce and ketchup.
- Ensure that the dough is spreaded as a thin sheets.
- You can reheat the momos and enjoy when its hot.