Boondi Laddu..

Happy Diwali to everyone..Have a nice and safe Diwali...

. 1 Cup Besan Flour
. Cashews 2 tbsp
. Raisins 2 tbsp

For the syrup:
Sugar-1 cup
Water-1/2 cup
Cardamom-seeds from 2 pods

1) Mix sufficient water to the besan flour( should be like a dosa batter).
2) Heat oil in the bottomed pan.
3) Take a strainer with holes which we use at home.
4) Place the strainer just above the pan.
5) Using this strainer,pour batter top of it using a small ladder.The batter starts going thorugh this holes.
6) Deep fry in the oil .Remove it from Oil when it is in yellow colour(it should not change into golden colour)
7) Heat 1 tbsp of ghee in a pan,add cashew nuts and raisins and fry for a minute. 
8) In a pan add sugar, water and cardamom seeds and bring it boil and stir continuously to half string consistency.Turn off heat.
9) When both sugar syrup and  boondi is warm and can be handled by hand, grease hands with oil  and press it slightly to form round shape(i must say this is a tough job,but the outcome will be great)

Note: If the batter is loose then the boondi will be small and if it is thick boondi will not have round shape, so the preparation of batter should be correct. 

Boondi laddu's are ready to serve...


  1. Happy diwali wishes for you and your family. Beauties,loving it.

  2. Ladoos have turned out perfect for the festive and happy Diwali to you dear :)

  3. Perfectly made,Happy diwali to you and family.

  4. looks awesome....Happy Diwali to you and ur family...:)


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