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June 7, 2011

Bobbatlu or Bhakshalu

For Purnam
. One cup chana dal(sanaga pappu)
. One cups of jaggery- powdered
. Two cardamom pods, seeds powdered

Purnam Wrap
. One cup all purpose flour (maida)
. Quarter cup of ghee
. Two tbsp of sooji ravva
. Half cup of water

1) Prepare soft, pliable dough with all purpose flour, water,ravva and ghee.
2) Pressure cook chana dal in plenty of water until one whistle. Do not Overcook the dal.
3) Remove the exess water from the daal and Using a food processor make a paste of cooked daal and grated jaggery.
4) If the mix is too loose, cook it on stove on ow heat for about 5 to 10 minutes, continuously stirring and let it cool.
5) Now divide the dough into marble sized balls.
6) On aluminum foil, apply liberal amounts ghee or oil and roll out each ball into a small round using a rolling pin or with your hand. Keep a lime sized Purnam in the middle and cover it by bringing the edges together. Dip your fingers in oil and using them, flatten the ball, starting at the edges, gradually pressing towards the center, into a thin, flat, circular shape.
7) Now on pan, put some oil/ghee and cook the bobbatlu on a very low heat.

Serve them with ghee or hot milk..........