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December 31, 2010

Happy New year!!!

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year..

May the dawning of this New Year, fill your heart with new hopes, open up new horizons and bring for you promises of brighter tomorrows. May you have a great New Year....

December 28, 2010

Plantain chutney( Artikaya pachadi)...

Ingredients :
. Plantain (Raw Banana) : 1
. Coriander seeds : 2 tsp
. Urad Dal : 1 tsp
. Dry Red Chillies : 8
. Tamarind : small gooseberry size
. Mustard Seeds : 1/4 tsp
. Chana dal : 1/4 tsp
. A pinch of hing
. Few curry leaves
. Salt to taste
. Oil

Method :
1) Soak the tamarind in water and set aside. Coat the plantain with oil and place the plantain directly on the stove flame. 
2) Roast the plantains, until they are black. When the plantains turn black, remove from the flame and allow it to cool. 
3) Peel the plantain and cut into pieces. Keep them aside. Heat 2 tea spoons of oil in frying fan. 
4) Add and fry the coriander seeds and urad dal to light brown color. Now add the red chillies and let them fry for another few minutes.
5)  Take it out from the pan and allow it to cool. grind the roasted spices into fine powder. Then add the roasted plantains, soaked tamarind and salt to it. 
6) Grind into a paste using a little water. Heat one table spoon of oil in pan for seasoning. Add the mustard seeds and chana dal and let them splutter. When the seeds stop popping, add the curry leaves and hing. Stir for another few minutes and turn off the flame. Add this popu / tadka to the chutney and mix well.

This is a bookmarked recipe from Indian cuisine blog..which came out very tasty...

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December 20, 2010

Chapala pulusu..(Fish gravy)

. Fish 5 pieces
. Lemon juice - 4 tbsp
. Onions - 2 no's
. Tamato - 1 no
. Poppy seeds - 2 tbsp
. Cinnamon
. Cloves
. Ilachi
. Coconut powder - 2 tbsp
. Green chillies - 2 no's
. Masala powder - 1 tbsp
. Tamarind - 1 lemon sized
. Salt
. Red chili powder
. Turmeric
. Fenugreek seeds powder
. Seasame seeds
. Coriander leaves
. Ginger garlic paste

1) Wash Fish pieces with lemon and turmeric to avoid smell and keep it aside.
2)  Make a paste of onion, tomato, ginger garlic paste( 1 spoon), poppy seeds,cinnamon, cloves, ilachi and coconut powder and keep it aside.
3) Heat oil in a pan and add green chilli, turmeric, masala powder, tamarind juice, Salt, chilli powder, turmeric and fenugreek seeds powder and cook for some time.
4) Now add the above mixture to this and cook for some more time.Now add fish pieces one by one.
5) It will take just 10 more mins to cook fish. Garnish with coriander leaves and turn of the stove.

Fish pulusu is ready to serve...

December 14, 2010

Idli with Oats...

. 1/2 cup Oats 
. 2 cups Rice or idli ravva
. 1 cup Urad Daal (white)
. 1 1/2 tblsp Salt
. A pinch of Baking Soda
. Oil for greasing

1) Soak the daal overnight or for atleast 5 hrs hours.
2) Soak idli ravva for 2 hrs.
3) Grind the daal into a smooth paste using very little water.
4) Now remove water from the idli ravva. 
5) Mix Ravva, grinded daal and oats to form a batter.
6) Mix salt and set aside in a warm place for 8-9 hours or overnight for fermenting.
7) Idlis are ready to be cooked when the batter is well fermented.
8) Grease the idle holder well and fill each of them with 3/4th full of batter and on top of it sprinkle oats.
9) Steam cook idlis on medium flame for about 10 minutes or until done.
10) Remove the idlis using idli spoon.
           Serve smooth Oats idli's with sambhar or chutney...

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Cooking with  whole foods: Oats hosted by Priya originally started by  Kiran of Sumadhura .

December 7, 2010

Channa Chat...

. Chick peas( Channa ) - 1/2 cup
.  1 large boiled Potato
.  1 medium size Onion (chopped)
. 1 tbsp Chopped Coriander 
. 1 tbsp Chopped Mint 
. 1/4 tbsp Black Salt 
. 1/2 tbsp Pepper Powder 
. 1/2 tbsp Cumin Powder 
. 1/2 tbsp Garam Masala
. 2 tbsp Tamarind juice
.  Salt
. Oil
. Coriender leaves

1) Wash and pressure cook channa in water till well done.
2) Heat oil in a pan and fry mashed potato for about 10 minutes.
3) Now add boiled channa and cook for some more time.
4) Add salt, pepper powder, cumin powder, garam masala, black salt and cook for some time.
5) When done add chopped onions, coriander leaves and serve hot..

This is the easiest way to make Channa chat and tastes very delicious..