. 1 Cup Besan Flour
. Salt
. Red Chilli powder
. Curry leaves
. 1/2 cup Ground nuts(Fried)

1) Mix sufficient water to the besan flour( should be like a dosa batter).
2) Heat oil in the bottomed pan.
3) Take a strainer with holes which we use at home.
4) Place the strainer just above the pan.
5) Using this strainer pour batter top of it and the batter starts going through this holes.
6) Deep fry in the oil till it turns golden colour and remove it from Oil.
7) Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan,add curry leaves and Ground nuts and fry for a minute. 
8) Add these along with salt and chilly powder to the boondhis and mix well. 

Note: If the batter is loose then the boondhi will be small and if it is thick boondhi will not have round shape, so the preparation of batter should be correct. 

Evening snack is ready to eat...