Onion Ravva Dosa...

My favorite dosa...

Planning to do this from years now...but little bit afraid of making this dosa. Because i thought i would spoil it and could not make this like the one which we eat in restaurants. 
Now after thinking so much i gave a try and it came out very well..infact the one like in restaurant..Yummy,crispy and tasty...
And we can't just stop eating one dosa...because it is so thin and tasty...Just few minutes back i have made this and had 2 full dosas. With that energy i am posting it for all of you..Hope you too like this and enjoy like me..


. Rice flour - 1 cup
. All purpose floor - 1/2 cup
. Suji ravva - 1 cup
. Jeera - 2 tbsp
. Curry leaves
. Onions -1 (chopped)
. Ginger garlic paste- 1/2 tbsp
. Salt to taste
. Oil for frying


1) Mix all the ingredients with sufficient water.
2) The batter should be as thin as butter milk.
3) Heat the pan and spread onions on the pan.
4) Now sprinkle the loose batter on the pan as it is very thin.
5) Drizzle oil everywhere on the pan and when dosa becomes golden colour turn it to other side and take it on  a plate.

You can have this with groundnut chutney

Hot and cripsy Onion dosa is ready to eat...


  1. Lacy and beautifully golden colored dosa, love it. So crispy too.

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