Ravva pulihara...


1) Rice flour - 1 cup( Soak in water for about 3 hrs. Drain water and dry the rice. Now grind the rice to make ravva).
2) Lemon juice.- 4 tbsp.
3) 1 1/2 cup water for boiling Rice flour.
4) Salt to taste.
5) Curry leaves and coriander leaves.
6) Turmeric powder- a pinch.
7) Green chillies- 4 ps.
8) Mustered seeds.
9) Urad daal.
10) Bengal gram.


1) Pressure cook rice flour along with water and keep it aside.
2) Take a pan,heat oil and add mustered seeds, urad daal, bengal gram.Fry until they turn golden colour.
3) Now and add slit green chilli's, curry leaves, turmeric and fry for some time.
4) Add Cooked Rice flour and salt to it.
5) Switch off the stove and sprinkle lemon juice and mix well and garnish with coriander  leaves.

Serve hot.... 


  1. Looks good, love the idea to add Pulihora masala to Rava.


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