. All purpose flour –2 Cups

. Oil – to fry

. Jagerry grated – 1 Cup 

. Ghee – 2 tbsp

. Cardamom Powder –1tsp


1) Heat ghee and mix with flour 

2) Add enough water to make a smooth and soft dough like chapathi. 

3) Make small balls. 

4) Roll it to come to a ‘Gavva’ shape. I have used fork to get the shape as shown in the figure.

5) Add cup of water to jagerry and make a thick syrup. 

6) Heat oil in a pan. 

7) Add these Gavvalu to the oil  

8) Fry to turn light brown and put all these to jagerry syrup 

9) Leave them in jagerry syrup bowl until they will become cool.

These sweet gavvalu are ready............. 

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