KFC Recipe!!!!!!!!


. Boneless chicken, cut in to frying pieces
. Ginger garlic paste
. Salt
. Red chili powder
. lime juice 2 spoons
. Corn flakes(Mashed)
. All purpose flour
. Corn flour


1) Mix ginger garlic paste, salt,chili powder and lemon juice to chicken pieces.
2) Refrigerate it for about 5 hrs so that the pieces absorbs all the ingredients.
3) Now in a bowl mix all purpose flour and corn flour in water and keep it aside.It should be a little thick paste.
4)Take chicken pieces, dip them in the paste, then dip them in mashed corn flakes and deep fry them in oil.
5) Repeat it with remaining chicken pieces.

Yummy KFC is ready.........


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. First time here. You have lovely recipes.

  2. Looks crispy crispy..Oh I want it right now.

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